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If you’re experiencing pain or a burning sensation when you urinate, you may have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Ignoring the signs of a UTI may lead to further health complications. At HELLOMED in Ann Arbor, Michigan, an experienced team of doctors diagnoses and treat UTIs to resolve pain and other symptoms. Visit the clinic as a walk-in or book an appointment online or by phone.


What is a UTI?

A UTI is a bacteria-related infection in your urinary system. It can affect any part of your urinary tract, including your:

  • Kidneys

  • Bladder

  • Ureters

  • Urethra

Bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and spread throughout the urinary system.

Women are more likely to get a UTI than men due to having a shorter urethra, so bacteria have less distance to travel to the bladder in women than in men.

What are the symptoms of a UTI?

Burning and pain during urination is the primary symptom of a urinary tract infection. Other symptoms may include:

  • Persistent need to urinate

  • Frequently urinating small amounts

  • Cloudy or bloody urine

  • Strong-smelling urine

  • Pelvic pain in women

What causes a UTI?

Most UTIs develop in the lower urinary tract, affecting the urethra and bladder. E.coli, which is naturally found in your gastrointestinal tract, is the primary bacteria responsible for UTIs.

Bacteria travels from the gastrointestinal tract through:

  • Sexual intercourse

  • Improper hygiene

  • Inserting birth control

  • Suppressed immune system

  • Menopause

  • Birth defects

If you have kidney stones or an enlarged prostate, urine may become trapped in the bladder and increase your risk for developing an infection.

How are UTIs diagnosed?

Your HELLOMED doctor reviews your symptoms and medical history. They also order urine tests to determine if bacteria is present. If you’re experiencing frequent UTIs, you may need to undergo additional testing, including a cystoscopy that allows your doctor to see inside your urethra and bladder to identify potential causes of infection.

How are UTIs treated?

Prompt treatment is effective in treating UTIs. Untreated UTIs can increase your risk of kidney damage and sepsis. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that can result if the infection travels to your kidneys.

Your HELLOMED doctor may prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection. They may also prescribe pain medications to alleviate pain and burning during urination.

If you have frequent infections, your doctor may recommend additional testing or a longer course of antibiotics. Menopause-related UTIs may require vaginal estrogen therapies.

You should also drink a lot of water to dilute your urine and help flush bacteria from your bladder. For women, wiping from front to back after using the bathroom prevents bacteria from traveling to the urethra.

If you’re experiencing UTI symptoms, schedule an appointment with HelloMed by phone or online. You can also visit the clinic as a walk-in.

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